Get your business tips every weekday with #MyGoToSmallBusiness on #DjSbuBreakfast

Get your business tips every weekday with #MyGoToSmallBusiness on #DjSbuBreakfast



Did you know that small and medium-sized businesses make up 91% of SA’s formalised businesses and employ about 60% of the labour force?

Whether it be an alteration on a dress; a car that needs washing; an electronic device that needs fixing, T-shirts that needs printing; or when you just crave that flame grilled steak with pap; we all have that Go-To small business in our area whom we know for certain can deliver.

Let others know of their awesome service so that they too can support those small businesses because the play a critical role in our economy.

The #DjSbuBreakfast in partnership with SEDA is proud to bring you the #MyGoToSmallBusiness feature, which airs daily on the #DjSbuBreakfast at 07h37, up until the 16th December 2016. Make sure that you tune in every morning and how to take the small business hustle, directly from the best players in the game.

Otherwise, check out our podcasts and social media to stay up-to-date with this movement.

To participate Log on to Twitter or Facebook, capture and briefly profile yourGo-To small business, and upload using the hashtag #MyGoToSmallBusiness.

Don’t forget to tag @Seda_DSBD in the process.