DIARY: 14 November with Dr Reza Mia

DIARY: 14 November with Dr Reza Mia



It’s Monday the 14th of November and the Dj Sbu Breakfast is back to keep you company for the next three hours. Whether you’re going to work, school, or even just sitting this one out, we’ve got tons of entertainment and educational programming lined up for you as usual. We have a very educated gentleman coming through as our EMCM, but that’s in the second hour of the show.

First of all a part of our Reaction Monday in sports, we touched on the news that’s been making headlines about SAFA suspending Bafana Bafana coach Shakes Mashaba. They did not tell us why, but just said after a “regrettable incident” after the 2-1 win over Senegal in Polokwane. Apparently the reason is that the outspoken Mashaba launched a scathing attack on president Danny Jordaan on camera, accusing him of lack of support during tough times. Well I could tell you what I think of coach Mashaba in the past year or so. But I’ll reserve my comment. Anyway we’ll keep a close eye on this one. I don’t know if he’ll recover from this one.

On the political front Azizzar focused on the issues facing the EFF. We heard over the past few days that disgruntled members of the party in the KZN region have decided to branch out and form their own party called the Effective Economic Emancipation. Former member of the Julius Malema-led party, Mthandeni Zungu is the founder of the breakaway party and has called the leadership of the EFF “dictators”. In return, EFF Spokesperson Mbuyiseni Ndlozi says he will not comment and give the soon-to-be-launched party publicity. Political analyst Mcebisi Ndletshana says all parties have their internal issues, and just because members break out it doesn’t mean they are in the right. They could simply be refusing to adhere to the disciplinary measures of the party. So we wait and see if the breakaway from the breakaway will make some sort of impact and be a force to be reckoned with.

Our Educated Man Crush Monday to day is Dr Reza Mia. He was born and bred in Lenasia in the South of Johannesburg. He went to Sacred Heart for his early schooling, and eventually went on to Wits University where he studied medicine, graduating at only the age of 23. He now holds an MBA from the University of Liverpool. He further fulfilled what he terms a “life-long dream” of his when he passed the mentally challenging entrance exam to become a member of MENSA in 2013.

Dr Mia was awarded the Dean’s Scholarship for Entrepreneurship from the London School of Business and Finance for an MSc Finance & Investment degree where he majored in investment banking and capital markets. Yho! This guy just does everything. Never before have I seen a doctor who’s in banking, and also into aviation. And he’s modest about all this because when asked if he’s a genius, he simply replies :“I don’t go around telling people that”. For those people who are into cosmetic surgery and improving how they look, this is the guy for you. He’s not a plastic surgeon, but it’s part of what he does, he says.

Let’s leave it here for now, we do it again tomorrow from 6am.