DIARY: 10 November with Nina Hastie & Alex Crassie

DIARY: 10 November with Nina Hastie & Alex Crassie



It’s a Thursday! Throw back Thursday #TBT Thought Become Things! The #DJSbuBreakfast is back on your radio with the Arch Bishop of Radio DJ Sbu live on Vuma FM and Rise FM. We ready to give another rocking show to the listeners.

The show gets on the road with the usual prayer and news updates from Zee and the sports headlines from Benji!

Zandie Khumalo gives us her triple play to get the show on the road with some mellow sounds to sooth us in to Thursday! The music is going to be crazy today; Thursdays are always memory lane days on the show. We throw them back, way, way back and with a mix of what’s current.

Our comedian co-host today is Nina Hastie and I can’t wait to meet her because she seems like a very bubbly and friendly person. She kept calling me to say she’s a bit late; she had to turn and change her shirt and also blamed last night’s floods for her lateness.

Our hustler today is Alex Crassie and he has an amazing energy around him and he’s talkative and very free. He’s got a production house called the Ark House Production and he’s involved in a lot of entertainment management projects.

The energy in studio has always been on a high but today it’s on that upper lever high. The dancing and the music are on point. We also throw back on some African hits from Don Jazzy and Tiwa Savage.

“Once you’re faithful, a lot of doors open for you. I’m scared of failure so I need to be faithful to my wife…” Alex Crassie

Alex also hosts a breakfast show and he’s been on radio for a very long time. He started with voiceover work for commercials. He says he was patient and worked hard from the bottom, making his way up. He was also inspired by our very own Arch Bishop of Radio, DJ Sbu, when he interviewed him on Good Morning Africa about owning your own brands and products.

“Humility is a gift, if you don’t have it, pray for it…” Alex Crassie

“It took 12 years for me to come up and I started doubting myself…” Nina Hastie

Nina shares about being humble and being grounded because putting yourself down doesn’t mean you are below someone else. It’s very important to create relationships and understand that you can be humble and still be deserving.

We had Tibz on Monday as our Educated Man Crush Monday and we kick off the 8 o’clock hour with his African triple play.

The show is full of good advice and opinions from our guests today. They are making a lot of sense. I’m so going to go back and watch the videos from the show later today. It’s interesting how different people look at the same situation differently and sometimes different people look at the same thing in the same way.

The show was so great today, our hustler guest stayed for the rest of the show after his interview just to share more and interact with our co-host and the Arch himself.

It’s really been an amazing show full of energy, good vibes and great jams!

It’s going to be the greatest day of the week!