DIARY: 07 November with Tebello ‘Tibz’ Motsoane

DIARY: 07 November with Tebello ‘Tibz’ Motsoane



It’s a brand new week! I had such a heavy and hectic weekend but I feel rested and ready to get going!

I came in with the Arch Bishop of Radio today, his energy always rubs off on me and I always feel good around him. I’m also feeling a bit hungry but we’re ready to take over the week.

The DJ Sbu Breakfast kicks off with our usual traditional prayer, followed by the latest news headlines and sports bulletin. Musically, we rock a triple play requested by our last week’s Educated Woman Crush Wednesday guest, Sindi Mqutheni. She has an interesting choice of music, very up tempo and that sort of electro sound.

Looking at today’s newspapers, we got: Blade vows to defend ANC trio and Hillary Clinton shares stage with Beyonce & Jay Z leading the pack.

As we get into the listeners requests just after the sports bulletin and news headlines at the bottom of the 6 oclock hour, our Educated Man Crush Monday guest, Tebello Tibz Motsoane arrives. I get him to do drops, black coffee with no sugar and sit him down by our couches until his time to go on.

He discovered AKA, he’s a GQ’s best dressed male honouree and he’s a Wits graduate. He’s got his own vodka, AU, with his partners which he calls geniuses and he’s a humble and quiet guy.

He’s got wisdom and is very inspirational, being from a humble background where his parents managed to take him to a good school from an early age which he says he appreciates.

Through the years, he’s had a lot of experiences with brands and now he’s decided to own his own vodka. He also touched on how he started VthSeason with Benza and Ninel before he left the company.

He was an obese little child and doctors told his parents that he needs all sorts of diets which is how he discovered his love for food and now makes the best dishes you can taste.

I liked what he said here: “Before you speak, people have already made their decision about you…” Tibz

“I like anything that takes time, like cigars…” Tibz

We had a beautiful interview with Tebello

Breaking into the 8 o’clock hour, the last hour of the show with the African triple play. Always upbeat and groovy, with that African case and drums. That always gets the body moving.

We get into our usual episode of Life with Noxs talking about helping the next person and how we’re too busy with our lives to give back. We hardly get time for other people. We always get too caught up in our own personal lives to even notice how blessed we are and how much easier we have it compared to people who are really struggling.

That was the Monday edition of the #DJSbuBreakfast with the Arch Bishop of Radio! Let’s do this again tomorrow and the rest of the week! Washa!