DIARY: 01 November with Mr. Ronnie Apteker

DIARY: 01 November with Mr. Ronnie Apteker


It’s another choosy Tuesday and we’ve got another bumper show lined up for you today. As you know the show doesn’t start without prayer, and today yours truly had the honour of leading the team in calling to the Higher Power.

We had an interesting piece by Azizzar, where she talks Stokvels. This was a major part of our childhood, with almost everyone’s mother a part of a stokvel, a then informal way of saving money in a group and sharing at the end of the year or whenever they decide on. It is now more formalised now, with banks and other financial services companies becoming more involved. Research shows that 11 million stokvel members in the country have an estimated savings of 49 billion rand.

She spoke to Head of Strategic Markets at Allan Gray, Thandi Ngwane, who explained how a unit trust can work in your stokvels, and gave different options for formalising yours.

Today is also Entrepreneur Tuesday and our guest this morning is Mr. Ronnie Apteker – a South African internet pioneer, writer and film producer. He is the founder of Internet Solutions, South Africa’s first Internet Service Provider.

Mr. Apteker sits on various boards and committees within South Africa and is involved in many charity organizations and fundraising initiatives.

He graduated Cum Laude with an M.Sc in Computer Science from the University of the Witwatersrand. As a recognized business leader and speaker he has appeared at the Discovery Leadership alongside others such as Sir Richard Branson, Tony Blair and Al Gore.

In a rather disappointing turn of events, he says the current #FeesMustFall protests are sad and costing the country money, “the same money that the students are fighting for”. On whether fees must fall or not, he says he simply doesn’t know. This is a man that should be a role model to the younger generation that wants to get to his level of success one day, and to hear him blast black students who want what’s rightfully theirs was a major let down.

We also got a visit from our family member Zola 7 today, and he too lambasted Apteker for his comments, citing that he’s still holding on to the old days when Wits was not made with black students in mind. He says it should not be that these kids that are dubbed “born-frees” have to taste the teargas that he and many others had to in the 80s. What a well of wisdom this man is. In my humble opinion, what we always need to remember here is that education is not a privilege in South Africa. It is a right. And anyone who does not share those sentiments is a hindrance to the advancement and economical emancipation of the majority of this country.

Anyway we look forward to tomorrow, and hopefully we’ve got a better guest in studio. We’re live on VUMA 103 in KZN and RISE FM in Mpumalanga bright and early at 6am.