DIARY: 26 October with Thobile Mushwana

DIARY: 26 October with Thobile Mushwana


It’s a nippy day, it’s another crazy Wednesday on the #DJSbuBreakfast

The Arch Bishop of Radio is broadcasting from Bloemfontein today and we seem to be experiencing technical issues with the sound distorting from the studios we’re supposed to be connecting with through our Johannesburg studios. The connection links are a problem on both sides, in Bloemfontein with the campus radio studios and our main Johannesburg studios.

30 minutes into the show and things haven’t changed, their connection is still not clear and audible. Our technical engineer and desk driver, Innocent, has been trying his best to connect and reconnect with a program called Cleanfeed but it’s not working out.

We get into news headlines and the sports bulletin at the bottom of the hour.

The show must go on so we continue with the programme, playing the song requests and the music is keeping us calm under the pressure of this situation.

Azizzar has a pre-recorded clip with the budget predictions ahead of the upcoming budget speech from the Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan later today. Look forward to hearing what the outcome of the budget speech will be this time as something is always going up.

It’s the 2nd hour of the show and we’re still connecting through the Bloemfontein studios and the Arch Bishop of Radio always has a plan up his sleeve.

The Arch speaks to a young social entrepreneur Thobile Mushwana who’s been travelling around the world expanding with his idea – the dental marathon and trying to reach out for investors.

Dental Marathon is a programme where they visit schools to give children a toothbrush and toothpaste and also repair and patch kids’ teeth – pretty cool idea.

We get on to our Educated Woman Crush Wednesday interview with our woman crush, Seadi Motlale, who’s a 22yr old student from Wits doing law. She is passionate about social justice and she’s also a professional chess player.

Strategic thinking is what chess has taught her and how she likes the fact that it doesn’t matter what your background is, you all meet at the chess board and play your best game.

She speaks about how the fees must fall protests have affected the students and how it could have been avoided as free education has been promised in the past. It shouldn’t take protests for free education to be recognized.

Kicking off the 3rd and last hour of the show with an African triple play coming through from Mampho Brescia who was our woman crush last week.

Nox’s Tale is up next and she’s talking about staying focused and alert at all times. Don’t be caught napping!

Been an interesting morning with the technical issues in Bloemfontein broadcasting from a campus radio station but we pulled things off and made it work.

That was the Wednesday edition of the #DJSbuBreakfast