DIARY: 25 October with Mohombi and Lumino

DIARY: 25 October with Mohombi and Lumino



It’s another choosy Tuesday and the question, as always, is what do you choose to focus on today? Remember thoughts become things and whatever you choose to focus on is what will grow and manifest.

We kick off the show with a prayer as we are accustomed to doing and then get straight into news and sports. Today’s first triple play is from comedian Donovan Goliath who was in studio with us last week. He’s been dubbed the cute one of the two comedy trailblazers lol but most impressive to me is how fluent he is in Xhosa.

Tuesdays are also our entrepreneur days where we get the big guns of business and entrepreneurship to come in, tell us their stories and leave us just a little bit more inspired to go out there and take charge, the same way they have.

In studio, we have an extraordinary 7-year-old, Michelle Nkamankeng, who has written a book. Listen, she made me want to pull up my bootstraps fast because c’mon, I’m being trumped by a 7-year-old here – sheesh.


“I wish every child in the world could educate because education is important and my favourite subject is maths,” said the cute author before heading to school for the day.

After we let her go, we get into our most unconventional Tuesday show yet with musicians Mohombi and Lumino who honestly SHUT. THE. SHOW down with their amazing music and the craziest performance we have seen in a bit.


They show and teach us this crazy, animalistic but completely electric dance known as the PangaDance. It involves beating on your chest and chopping things with your arms like you would with a panga – I’m not doing it justice, just check out the video on our YouTube channel tofully grasp what I’m on about.

Mohombi talks affectionately about his wife and life and says he’s the father to two beautiful boys. But just because he’s married, doesn’t mean that he’s not into hugs so if you see him around, feel free to hug up on him because he’s “got love for everybody”.


The energy that these two men brought with them today was so insane, we left the studio on a high, It just reminded us that when you put your heart and soul into what you do, it really can touch people in an unexpected way – I think we needed that reminder.