DIARY: 19 October with Mampho Brecia

DIARY: 19 October with Mampho Brecia



It’s a wicked, wacky, wonderful Wednesday and for some reason I’m feeling hella fresh and joyous today. I rocked my YMZ (YoMzansi) sweater today because the sun never loved us today and the chill came out to play.
As I walk into studio, I see that we all had the same idea, with Sakhile, The Twins, Inno and The Arch all kitted and fitted in their YMZ gear too. Say what you want about this team at any given point in time, but one thing you can’t knock us on is the way we love and celebrate our own (YMZ) and overall black excellence and black business. It was so beautiful to see us all supporting our bro’s today. Our EP, Desire and Sports guru Benjamin felt the FOMO because they chose not to get the #YMZWednesday Memo – shem lol.

As if that wasn’t cool enough, one of the best writers I’ve come across, Sbu Mjikeliso walked past the stu and The Arch hijacked him to come kick it with us a little bit. I’ve known Sbu for years and even had the pleasure (read as horror) of having him guide me into my transition from broadcast back into print. There is no one as pedantic about the intro to a story as that man lol but also no one who refuses to compromise on their craft like him – another thing I learnt as well. So, when he told me that he’s now moved up from being a senior sports reporter to being the Editor-In-Chief of Kickoff Magazine, I could not have been more geeked.

He chatted to us a little more about that and The Arch, being The Arch, reminded Benji and the rest of us that Sbu almost had Benji’s job lol. He put the two in a duel of sorts and in as much as Sbu is a great guy, Benji showed him whose boss and maintained his position on the #DJSbuBreakfast Sports throne – nice one Ben!

After that impromptu interview with Sbu, we got back to our regular scheduled programming and welcomed our #EWCW guest for today, Mampho Brecia.

She’s a phenomenal actress and film-maker and one of The Arch’s good friends, because of, well the fact that she is Terry Pheto’s best friend…

She’s currently working on a project called 7 shades and it’s what she says is the opening to her being a producer. It deals with the issues of black beauty as a result of the advent of social media and the way we, black women, are perceived by ourselves, men and other races. I love the idea of that and honestly can’t wait to see it. I’m very passionate about this myself and believe that it’s high time we spoke about this openly.

As if that wasn’t enough, we dropped Cassper Nyovest’s new banger Too Legit to Quit as well as Panache Boyz’ new one titled Abahle.

Today was legit one of my favourite shows ever and I hope you enjoyed it as much as we did. Catch all the action again tomorrow on RISE FM and VUMA FM, 6-9 AM and be sure to check out our YouTube channel for videos of your favourite guests and some nice behind-the-scenes nuggets.