DIARY: 18 October with Dr Neli Sebisi

DIARY: 18 October with Dr Neli Sebisi



Choosy Tuesday has swung around again and as always we choose to bring you the best breakfast the continent has to offer, without fail.

The Arch prays to open the show and we get straight into it with news, sports and your triple play to start the show.

The Arch is in a funny mood and as always his mood infects the rest of us and the mood and nice and light in studio.

The first hour breezes by without us noticing – I guess it goes with the fact that we all really love what we do and they say that if you do what you love, you’ll never wok a day in your life and I think for the first time in my life, I’m fully understanding this. Everyday a little something more changes within each of us and us getting ignited a little more by this passion.

Just before we hit the 7 o’clock hour, The Arch lets us know that Supa Mega AKA has parted with his long-time management company Vth Season and his manager Raphael Benza. While we were all caught in shocks and gasps, DJ Sbu reminded us that AKA is a smart artist and that he probably has his ducks in a row with something bigger in store because “at the end of the day, it’s all about growth”…. Such is the music business. And just as with all things in life – nothing lasts forever.

From music and entertainment, we get into the more serious side of life with Dr. Neli Sebisi as we talk sexual health and the often taboo subject of abortions.

She says abortions come as a result of unwanted pregnancies and says that we should start by figuring out what it is that makes the pregnancy unwanted. “Pregnancies are unwanted sometimes because relationships aren’t going well,” she says before breaking down the various other reasons why pregnancies could be unwanted.


She also goes into the safe ways of having abortions done and when it is deemed unsafe to have an abortion and how to go about it without putting yourself and your health at risk. Too often have we seen horror stories of botched backdoor abortions as a result of the taboo associated with it or merely ignorance around the subject because it’s not really something that should be discussed, according to some, so it’s great that she was here with us to give us much needed knowledge – you never know which woman’s life could be saved by erring on the side of the so-called inappropriate.


On a lighter note, we had a fun laugh with a clip of Julius “Juju baby” Malema said to be hitting on a woman back in 1993 and man, he was not winning lol. And this was as a result of an article in today’s Sowetan where the EFF Commander and Chief admitted to having had a problem with the ladies back in the day. Now that he’s got power and is looking rather bae nowadays, we’re sure that’s only a thing of the past, but as they say, never forget where you come from lol.


That’s our show for today. We back on tomorrow, 6-9AM, on Rise FM and Vuma FM. You can catch us also on djsbubreakfast.com and on our YouTube channel where you can live stream all the crazy action that makes this the number one breakfast show on the continent.