DIARY: 17 October with Ron Derby

DIARY: 17 October with Ron Derby



A brand new week, a brand new show, but still the same crazy energy and passion that has become synonymous with the DJ Sbu Breakfast. We kick things off with a prayer and get straight into news, sports and banging tracks.

Our first hour is usually reserved for a look at the papers, what is on the Arch’s mind as well as his business tip of the day for all those budding entrepreneurs.

The second hour of our Monday show means new inductee into our #EMCM hall of fame and this week, the honours go to Business Times Editor, Ron Derby.

He started his journey in the journalism field as a reporter in Lesotho for the Southern Star weekly newspaper in 2002.

After a year spent covering domestic politics there, he came back to Johannesburg, where he worked for Metro FM’s website before moving to Moneyweb as a financial news intern in 2003.

It was two years later that he started his relationship with the Times Media Group as a Business Day media correspondent.

Two years later he moved to Business Day as media correspondent. In early 2006, he moved to the Reuters news agency, where he worked for two years covering industry and telecoms.

In 2008 he moved to Bloomberg and worked there for three years as a commodities reporter before returning to Business Day in February 2011 as markets editor. After two years as markets editor and writing a daily column, Ron was appointed as deputy Financial Mail editor, working with Tim Cohen and later moved up in the ranks and is now the Editor of Sunday Times’ Business Times.

He has a seemingly quiet demeanour but that all changes when you start to ask him about the current state of the country, politics, business and money – these seem to be his comfort zone.

“Currently where we are right now where we have a Treasury that doesn’t want to spend and a President that wants to spend in his particular way… It’s a dangerous cliff that we’re on,” he says before getting into the technicalities of it all.

Knowing The Arch, he takes him out of his comfort zone and asks him about his personal life as he’s “a good-looking brother”. Ron gushed and blushed before reluctantly admitting he’s in a serious and committed relationship with a woman who loves and takes care of him – awww. We bid him farewell and move onto the last hour of the show.

On our current affairs feature, we talked Sex Work and its decriminalization. Earlier this year, a sex worker’s body washed up onto a Cape Town beach on Women’s Day which sparked a number of debates and saw pro sex-worker trade advocates reviving the decriminalization of sex work. The argument is that if the trade was legalized, the workers would have more rights and be afforded more security and safety. The word is that sex workers continue to face problems with law enforcers, with sex worker “baby” saying that police continue to harass them and she believes that if sex work was legal, it would go a long way to curb this occurrence.


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