DIARY: 13 October with Allegro Dinkwanyane

DIARY: 13 October with Allegro Dinkwanyane


They say hustle beats talent when talent doesn’t hustle and given that today is a Thursday, we’re all about celebrating those young, upcoming entrepreneurs in a feature we call Hustler’s Corner.

Today we have a trailblazer of Hustler, Allegro Dinkwanyane, a 26-year-old Oprah-in-the making – no diss, she doesn’t mind the comparison and even says that Oprah inspired her to name her company Orgella (her name spelt backwards) the same way that Oprah did with Harpo.

She owns 8 companies at the moment including Orgella Commnications, Orgella Property, Orgella Helping Hands and many more. She’s currently pursuing business in Nigeria and also says that she is also in talks to expand to the UK.


Her PR and Communications company is home to a number of local celebrities such as Donald, Febuary and Mpho Maboi to name a few and clients spread in Malawi, Ghana, Botswana and Swaziland – this is all in just five years.

She says that a major key to success is staying focused on what you’re passionate about and working hard at it.

We also kept true to form and dropped Mafikizolo’s new song Kucheza exclusively – we are the DJ Sbu Breakfast after all. And we do this with them currently touring in the US. They are what we call living legends because they keep maintaining their winning streak with beautiful, timeless music and I don’t think this track will be any different.

We wrap up the show with our Africa themed hour, where we play nothing but hot jams from all over the African continent.

Now, we countdown to Freaky Friday tomorrow where we get crazy with our artists who come in and perform on air, with comedy in between. Be sure to tune in tomorrow, from 6-9AM to find out just who we have in store for you.