DIARY: 12 October with Neo Khauoe

DIARY: 12 October with Neo Khauoe



“I’m a woman, phenomenally. Phenomenal woman, that’s me…” – Maya Angelou.

Wednesdays are the middle of the weekly journey and they are the days that we celebrate women. On our show, we celebrate #EWCW because we’re all about trying to inspire people to empower themselves through education. Yes, not every successful person is overly educated but, pursuing education beyond the compulsory secondary education can only do more good than harm. Let me get off my soapbox…

After What Now, with The Arch, he gets into a little “Guess Who” and plays a local artist who did a cover of the now classic Common and John Legend song Glory, and puts it out to listeners to guess the voice.

He later gets political, with a clip from EFF Commander-in-Chief, Julius Malema where he is heard weighing in on the latest development in the Finance Minister/SARS/NPA debacle unfolding in the country right now.

It’s never a dull moment in South Africa.

The Arch also dropped some knowledge on being in a relationship, after having asked listeners if they’ve ever had a crush on a colleague Look, for me, having a crush on a colleague is harmless; it’s what you choose to do about it where it really gets interesting.

Back to #EWCW…today we had Neo Khauoe from the Sizwe Medical Fund in studio as our crush for the week. She’s a qualified nurse as well as Principal Officer at Sizwe.

Given the current situation in society, where students are still protesting for free tertiary education. Ms.Khauoe, as an educated person herself, says that she is bias towards having education and she understands the students’ plight.

“I did self-study. I paid for most of my education myself – including my MBA, I paid for it out of my pocket.”

“The students are saying, ‘allow us to also go to school – do not use our background to block us,’” she said.


We wrap up the show on that note, accompanied by some more African tunes. Happy Womanly Wednesday to you and yours. We’re back with you tomorrow, again at 6AM.


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