DIARY: 10 October with Shaka Sisulu

DIARY: 10 October with Shaka Sisulu



It’s Monday and it’s a brand new week with new opportunities but this week, is especially brand new because we’re trying out a new structure for the show – they do, after all say, the only constant is change.

One thing that does not change, however, is the fact that we pray every day to start the show. After that we get straight into news and sports and then the machine that is the show is nice and warm and ready to go, all the way until 9 AM.

The Arch goes into What Now and then shares some of the things that he got up to this past weekend.

Mondays are reserved for our #EMCM (Educated Man Crush) and today we have social activist and social media king Shaka Sisulu in with us.

Just yesterday, Shaka was trending on Twitter because he took a Twitter user to task for tweeting uncouth things, rape-culture perpetuating things that had the Twitterverse reeling and calling for the removal of the user from the platform as well as calling for his employer to take him to task “a la Penny Sparrow”, as Sisulu said.

In as much as he is a well-respected and knowledgeable guy, one of the best things, I think, about Sisulu is how he keeps it all the way real. Sbu commends him for using his social media platform to effect change and impact society in a positive way and while Shaka thanks him for acknowledging that, he also makes him aware that it’s sometimes also for “nyols” and “ratchetry”.

I think that’s as real as it gets – no person is ever one-dimensional and only has one focus/passion/interest in life; regardless of what their bio says and I loved that he reminded us that he is still just a human too, with a ratchet side as he says.

When he leaves, we’re in the last hour of the show and The Arch remembers one of our #EWCW guests, Ayanda Thabethe and gives her major props for not only being beautiful but for also taking the entertainment industry by the reigns in her own way and growing from strength to strength. He also gushes over her voice and gives a shoutout to her parents lol.

It’s nothing but the best music from here, all the way until 09:00 when we wrap up and handover to Kede at RISE FM and Vanessa at VUMA FM.

We’re back again tomorrow.

It’s still 2 Stations. 1 Man. 1 Mic. 1 Breakfast.