DIARY: 07 October with Red Button, HHP and Lon Jon

DIARY: 07 October with Red Button, HHP and Lon Jon


Freaky Friday has dawned upon us again and it brought with it music, mania and much needed down time but before that, we bring you the best Breakfast show on the continent.

We kick off with the usual prayer, news bulletin, sports headlines and What Now with me, Benji and The Arch. We also give you the best mixes on a Friday and today was no different, with Panache Boyz in the mix today and they did best because they rocked DJ Sbu’s latest hit, featuring Zahara and Rabs Vhafuwi, Ndingubani.
What was extra special about today’s show is that we kind of went full circle in some way, with the pioneer of Motswako, HHP, back in the building to promo his latest song Ngotha featuring Kenyan artist Lon Jon.

It’s always a jump when HHP is in the studio – he tends to bring out another side of The Arch; they speak a secret language reserved only for living legends and it changes the whole atmosphere of the room and makes it more electric than it usually is.
We all love the new song – I think its naughty connotation makes us youngsters like it even more because it’s very representative of the current “turn up” scene that we like. Lon Jon explains that the word Ngotha means panty and before we let our minds get carried away, HHP explains that when a woman is dancing sometimes and in her element, having ridiculous amounts of fun, she tends to forget her surroundings sometimes and dance as though she is in her room, where no one can see and occasionally, a panty gets exposed.

He says the whole idea is for a woman to have fun and “will’ out”, as we say, to the song.
We also had Red Button in today, as well, and what made this extra special for him was that he was celebrating his birthday today.
As if that wasn’t enough, we turned it up a notch on the comedy front with legendary funny man Vista in the building and he kept us in stitches. Off air, Benji was asked to take a picture of The Arch but Bra Vista was in the shot. Without thinking, Benji said “chifta boss” and that had Vista feeling some type of way and landed Benji in the hot seat on air. True to form, Vista roasted Benji, first on his manners, then his mkhaba and finally on his choice of women, with Vista asking Benji how he could have a girlfriend whose name is Olga when he’s so young. Ben was stunned to say the least but I think he learnt his lesson – roars of laughter and all.

That’s your first Friday for October; we hope you felt the love and energy through the airwaves. Do join us, the number one breakfast show on the continent, on Monday from 6-9AM. We’re on every weekday on RISE FM and VUMA FM.
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