DIARY: 03 October with Roy Gluckman

DIARY: 03 October with Roy Gluckman


It’s a brand new month and a brand new week but we’re still on the same history-making swag.

The Arch is back from traveling across the country – last week he travelled from GP to Limpopo to KZN and PE all in the space of a few days. Benji always says that this thing we do is led by the spirit and it’s the only plausible explanation I have for how he could’ve managed to travel like that.

Back to now, we kick off the show with a prayer – you starting to get the theme of the spirit? We quickly get into What Now which is a tad awkward for me today since my entire face is on the front page of The Times for an Uber Eats story which was a first-person account of the experience of a ride-a-long with an Uber Eats driver.

Then Arch snatches the paper and says he’s reading that one today because he knows I won’t gas myself up like that. It was a little embarrassing having the spotlight on me to that extent, but hey, it’s the life I chose lol. We move on swiftly and get into our first news, sports and traffic.

Today on Sports Story Behind The Story #SSBTS Benji has a cool feature on boxing in SA and what’s happened to the sport that was once huge in the country. I’m really loving this insert and am very happy that tomorrow it continues with part 2 – be sure to catch it just after 06:30. He’s really coming into his own – I love it.

Our second hour sees us welcoming Roy Gluckman, our #EMCM for the week. He’s got an LLB qualification, is a motivational speaker as well as being a musician. He has a song called You Do You Boo, which is an anthem about being unapologetic about who you are.

He said something that stuck with me… that at a certain age, he realised his white privilege and ever since he’s made it his mission to have open dialogues about race, homophobia and transformation because there’s no reason why we should be trying to avoid these topics because we really can’t ignore them.

He also said that in as much as formal education is good; there is a need for more social education to be taking place.

We swiftly move into the last hour of the show which saw us having chats about weight and weight loss as The Arch is on a mission to promote healthy living. We talk about both his and my weight-loss journey and how we are both determined to maintain the strides we’ve made.

He also looked to motivate Benji who has on a number of occasions said that while he is comfortable in his body, he does see room for improvement through getting rid of his mkhaba. I’m thinking that he’s toying with the idea of NOT being a part of #TeamSexyChubby anymore. Either way, we support and love him 100%.

We wrap up the show with an eyebrow-raising chat on strip clubs. I once told The Arch that I had never been to one and he said that he would treat me to a trip to one as an early birthday present – to be honest, I cannot wait.

We cross over to the beautiful Vanessa at VUMA FM to get her take on it and she said she has actually been to one but took the opportunity to banter with Benji who quickly came off as an expert on the matter lol.

And just as quickly as it started, the show has wrapped up. We’re back again tomorrow from 6-9AM. It’s still two stations, one man, one mic, one breakfast.