DIARY: 29 September Broadcasting from Polokwane

DIARY: 29 September Broadcasting from Polokwane



It’s Thursday and we’re one step closer to the weekend – a fact we’re all very thankful for. Today is a bit different because The Arch is broadcasting from Polokwane’s Energy FM alongside the original Guluva, Zola 7 and Motsetserepa, Ashifashabba.

It’s so great hearing these three entertainment legends coming through the airwaves. They have a natural camaraderie and you can hear the love and respect they all have for each other.
We kick off the show with a prayer as usual and get into What Now as usual and look at the top trends on Twitter as well as the headlines of various newspapers’ front pages.

The Arch and The Guluva are seen rocking #Ndingubani t-shirts in light of DJ Sbu coming back to the music scene with his smash hit featuring Zahara and Rabs Vhafuwi caloed Ndingubani. It drops tomorrow so you should all get ready to buy it where you can.

In terms of Music, we like to reserve our Thursdays for mostly throwback jams which today included legends Trompies’ Magasman and Bongo Maffin’s Kura Uone.

We also have Hustler’s Corner where we speak to up-and-coming entrepreneurs about their ventures and their journey in the world of business. Today, DJ Sbu, Zola and Shabba have Shane Lehumo in the Energy FM studios and he’s involved in the mining industry.

He’s hungry for success and highly ambitious, saying “we’re going to Forbes, we’re going to Bidvest.” There is nothing more powerful than the tongue and speaking life into your destiny so it’s wonderful to hear him speaking like this.

The legends also get into a chat about heritage in South Africa, in light of heritage month wrapping up and Zola says that we are slowly losing our heritage. I tend to agree with him – there are so many young children who cannot speak their home language, let alone knowing the history of their culture.

“If our young is a lost generation, it is because we’ve fed them the wrong things,” says Zola, highlighting that parents and the older generation need to do their part to impart the necessary knowledge to young people so that our culture and heritage is not entirely lost.

This is definitely something we need to continue engaging on because we cannot only remember who are during heritage month and day – which has over the years informally come to known as braai day **sigh**

And just like that we breeze through the last hour of the show and wrap up with our usual crossover to our sister stations RISE and VUMA FM.

It’s been an amazing show and we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did.
We’re back tomorrow with your Freaky Friday edition of the show where we play you nothing but the hottest jams and mixes and treat you to live performances by our in-studio guests. Tune in tomorrow from 6-9 AM to hear who we’ve got in store for you.

It’s 2 Stations. 1 Man. 1 Mic. 1 Breakfast.