DIARY: 28 September with Raelene Rorke

DIARY: 28 September with Raelene Rorke



Wednesday’s we talk all things women who are educated and doing incredible work with their intellectual prowess.

Today we have former Miss SA Teen, Raelene Rorke who’s long shaken off the teen queen dash and come into her own as a business woman and recently she became a wife as well.

She grew up in the Eastern Cape, in Mthatha and says at age 14 she packed her bags and headed to the City of lights to pursue her dreams.
Since winning the Miss SA teen pageant in 2004, she co-founded SpringAGE, a company described as one that promotes young people, innovation, change and leadership.

She was voted 2013 Top 20 Most Inspiring Young Person in South Africa and JCI Top 20 Most Outstanding Young Person of the World.
The arch bishop was stunned by her strides in the business industry as she’s managed to have her company go through the acquisition process with industry giant Deloitte at such a young age – she’s not even 30 yet.

He puts her through her paces by challenging her to sell the #DJSbuBreakfast as she said that she’s an avid salesperson. I have to be honest, she killed it!

As usual, The Arch had her back-announce a song and get a feel for radio and she impressed. DJ Sbu told her to seriously consider getting into the radio space and she seemed to be very open to the idea.

She says she would love to study again “maybe at Harvard University,” she says.

After she leaves, we get to chatting to former “sexy chubby” Anatii who is gearing up for his #Artiifact tour which features American crooner Omarion. This Friday they’re taking the show to Johannesburg and then heading to Durban on Saturday.

The Arch, who has become health conscious over the years is interested in his weight loss and health journey, which has Anatii revealing that he’s lost roughly 60kgs since he started out.

When we hear this, we all look at Benji who was put through his paces yesterday after we were asking him about his “mkhaba” lol. I have to be honest, there’s no one who is immune to being made fun of for something on this team – it’s a sign of The Arch’s affection – and Benji took it on the chin like the sport he is.


The last hour breezes by and Sbu reminds us that he’s headed out to Limpopo tomorrow to broadcast from Ashifashabba’s Energy FM. It hits me that the show will then have a team in four different regions – GP, Limpopo, KZN and MP. This show really is history-in-the-making, #AYEYE!


We’re back tomorrow from 6-9AM.