DIARY: 27 September with Sfiso Nene and Queen Mokulubete

DIARY: 27 September with Sfiso Nene and Queen Mokulubete



It’s a choosy Tuesday and we’re back on the airwaves driving you through that traffic with style, as only we do. We have an exciting show lined-up for you with incredible guests coming through.

But first, let’s look at what’s making the news on “What Now”. The Sowetan runs with the headline ‘Thuli Faces New Onslaught’. The outgoing Public Protector has been under a barrage of attacks from the ANC Youth League. The most recent accusations are that she is a CIA Agent, which are not really new but seem to have resurfaced. She has said that she is considering legal action with regards to this. We’ll be watching this one with a very keen eye.

On Twitter the top trend was the #USPresidentialDebate. Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton took aim at each other last night and the latter is reported to have drawn first blood in this first debate. The man who stole the show though is debate moderator Lester Holt, who was apparently biased towards Clinton and seemed to ask Trump questions that have been the bedrock of his competitor’s campaign. The elections are looming in the US, and we’re definitely going to be talking about this some more because whoever becomes the president there generally affects the whole world.

Our first guest this morning is funny man Sfiso Nene. Sfiso rose to fame when he won the talent search show So You Think You’re Funny back in 2009. He has since continued with stand up comedy and has become one of the country’s most booked comedians. He says growing up he was always considered to be ‘that funny guy’ or the class clown. But he didn’t think he’d be able to make money off of it one day. Inspired by the Pure Monate Show back in the day, he used to write scripts with the aim of having them on a sitcom, but was told that although they are funny they work in a stand up situation. He then auditioned for the SABC 1 show and the rest, as we can now attest is history. His three favourite comedians are Trevor Noah, David Kau, and Skhumba.

In the second hour of the show we chat to an entrepreneur by the name of Queen Mokulubete. She was born in Sharpeville in the Vaal and is also an academic. She holds a B-Tech Degree in Extraction Metallurgy from UJ, and a Masters Degree in Business Administration from the Wits Business School. The reason she’s here though is that she is the Managing Director of SOMILA ENGINEERING, a company founded in 2014. She says the aim of this company is to deliver good service and get rid of the stereotype that black companies don’t deliver. She’s also a mother of a two year-old baby whose name is also Somila. See the connection?? Anyway she’s a very successful businesswoman and it’s really good to see the rise of women on the corporate ladder. Women are inherently caregivers, and if the world can have more of them in positions of leadership, then this place would be a much better one.

One more thing before we go. I became the subject of ridicule and much laughter in studio today because of my mkhaba. Hahahaha. Azizzar and Sbu were very unforgiving today. All in jest though, and that’s why there’s never a dull moment of the DJ Sbu Breakfast.

That’s our show for today then. Tomorrow is yet another day from 6-9am on VUMA 103 in KZN and RISE FM in Mpumalanga. Two Stations, One Man, One Mic, One Breakfast.