DIARY: 22 September with Zola

DIARY: 22 September with Zola


It’s a throwback Thursday and much to Benjamin’s delight, we tend to play a lot of old skool Kwaito and house music on Thursdays.

The Arch is still away, so again, we’re led by Mr. Zola 7 himself. He’s growing nicely into this radio role – not quite as shy and apprehensive as he was at first.

We’re still paying tribute to legendary Kwaito star Mduduzi ‘Mandoza’ Tshabalala after hearing of his passing earlier on this week. Zola knew him well so he’s been sharing personal stories about him the entire week and helped make our tribute to him extra special.

As usual we had What Now in our first hour, where we looked at our newspapers and what they were covering, as well as the trending stories. #FeesMustFallReloaded has been reigning supreme in our media the entire week and today is no different. I wonder how possible it is for us to have free education, and if not, how long will these varsity kids have to cry and fight before their plight is understood? But, that’s a topic for another day.

In the spirit of Throwback Thursday, we spontaneously had a talk on “The Red Cake” – you remember the red cake, with a white centre and coconut? Well, if you do, you properly grew up in the hood like the rest of us. It brought back fond memories of my childhood for me.

Today, we spoke personal finance and I looked at savings in South Africa and whether we are actually a saving nation or not and what some of the issues are. Bekithemba Mafulela, a Business Development Manager at Allan Gray weighed in and told us that South Africa generally is not a saving nation and that people have the wrong idea of savings.

He said people have the misconception that you have to be rich in order to put money away and that you are expected to put away a rigid percentage.

He, however, informed us that saving is as simple as spending less than what you earn so that you can free up some funds and then putting away what you can and not what you THINK you should. It’s basically all about looking at your affordability and then being disciplined. He also reminded us of the benefits of compound interest when you save.

After that we got into the final hour, where we spoke to some more finalists for VUMA FM’s annual wedding giveaway. They’re giving away a full wedding to the tune of R 400 000 to a special couple who has told us their love story and how they make their relationship work.

Zola speaks more on Mandoza before we cross over to Kede in Mpumalanga, at RISE FM and Vanessa, in KZN, at VUMA FM to find out what their shows, broadcasting from 9 – 12, will be covering today.

While we’re doing that, we get a lovely surprise from Krispy Kreme South Africa who come bearing lovely gifts – their Heritage Day edition of doughnuts for us to taste. I don’t usually indulge, BUT who can say no to a milk tart flavoured doughnut?

We’re back tomorrow and we’re still on that 2 stations, one man, one mic, one breakfast swag.