DIARY: 19 September with Zola & Buchule Jack

DIARY: 19 September with Zola & Buchule Jack


Seems like winter is back, it’s a cold morning in South Africa and it’s a very cold time for the South African music industry with the passing of Kwaito Legend Mandoza.

We kick off the show with a moment of silence to pay our condolences to the Tshabalala family and all of us the Mandoza fans.

We have Soweto’s fellow Kwaito giant, Bonginkosi Zola Dlamini in studio holding things down for the Arch Bishop of Radio. The first song to kickstart the show is by our fallen hero himself, Mandoza with his massive hit, Nkalakatha!

Zola is trying his best to cope with the situation of the passing of his dear friend and music colleague. He says he got the call of Mandoza’s passing and is trying his best to get through.

What Now is full of headlines from newspapers paying tribute to Mandoza and on the trends on social media as well. All the messages come from our South African celebrities and fans who loved Mandoza and are hurt by his passing.

Zola shares his memories from back in the day. How they used to practice at a garage from another fellow friend who ended up being Mandoza’s road manager. How it was all a dream and suddenly one day, the whole world knew them and traveled everywhere. They also had a song together called “GqumBheke Le”. Zola also pleads with the country to be sensitive and be careful of what they say around this difficult time because we all have families and people who care about us.

100% Nomakanjani with Kimberly Malope talking about turning passion into your dream job by finding what you’re passionate about and getting paid for it.

“Rhyme yourself out of poverty – that was the mentality to get out of the hood, eZola…” said Zola agreeing with Kimberley’s topic of choice today.

Zola chats to Vaughn Eaton who has worked with Mandoza from 1999 till 2009; he explains how professional Mandozawas and would be so committed tomaking a success of his career – Mandoza would do 5 shows in one day, he said.

Buchule Jack, also known as Jack Devero,in the events circles, is on the chair today as our guest for the #EMCM

We get Mdu, the Godfather on the line to speak about Mandoza. He sounds devastated and hurt. “He loved the studio, he loved music and all he wanted to do was just to make more music,” said MDU.

L’vovo also gets on the line with Zola and talks about how Mandoza was his mentor and how humble he was when they met on shows and on the streets.

Zola continues with the childhood memories and how he was always welcomed at Mandoza’s house especially by his mother.

We also take some calls from Mandoza’s fans and followers who share memories that Mandoza’ssongs bring back.

We wrap up the show with the Arch Bishop of Radio, DJ Sbu coming on the line to tell how amazing Zola sounds on air and how Zola and Mandoza showed the kids in the hood that you can still make it even though you come from ekasi.

We also get Kedebone and Vanessa on the cross over who also touch on the great loss we’ve had in South Africa with the passing of Mandoza.