DIARY: 09 September with Lady Smith Black Mambazo, DJ Mbuso, Mtulz &...

DIARY: 09 September with Lady Smith Black Mambazo, DJ Mbuso, Mtulz & Nhlanhla


It’s a Friday, and normally this is a very happy day because well…it’s the weekend. But I’m not feeling too well today so I’m struggling a bit. Anyway it’s not about me, so the show must go on. We have some exciting guests coming to visit us live in studio today, but before I tell you who they are, let’s take a look at “What Now”. Social media was buzzing with the news that Serena Williams has been knocked out of the US Open, and with that went up in smoke the dreams of surpassing Steffi Graf’s record of 22 Grand Slam titles in the Open Era. Going to the Paralympic Games in Rio, Kevin Paul is on the trends after he won South Africa’s first Gold medal. So we’re definitely looking forward to seeing more of this from our team.

Right, so coming to the exciting stuff, we are joined by legends in studio today. Ladiiiiiessss and Gentlemeeeeennn welcome the four-time Grammy Award-Winning group Ladysmith Black Mambazo. Now this is a moment to be star struck. We are in the presence of greatness. Founded in 1960 by Professor Joseph Tshabalala, they have stood the test of time and continue to inspire many of today’s young artists. Obviously due to age, professor Tshabalala has had to retire from the group and so have many others. They now have even second and third generation members among them.

In the second hour of the show we had another individual who’s done big things in the music industry. Remember the legendary “Soweto Funk”? Okay these were the days Azizzar was starting her jiving career. Now the man responsible for that is Dj Mbuso. He has a new album coming up and it’s definitely worth waiting for. He never disappoints.

In contrast to the two guests we’ve had so far, in the final hour of the show we have a young up-and-coming artists by the name of M-Thulz. He is billed as the next big thing as far as hip-hop is concerned. His single called “Emigodini” is already doing the rounds, so listen out for him. Coming from Kagiso in the West Rand of Johannesburg, he was discovered by Nhlanhla Nciza of Mafikizolo fame after she heard his demo. She made contact, they recorded, and now the boy looks on his way to stardom. Speaking of Nhlanhla, she’s also in studio. Now, this is one woman who seems to have been around forever. She says she registered her record company in 2010, and M-Thulz is her first artist. The company is called “Home Based Records”, and she says she hopes it will give young artists a chance just like Kalawa Jazzmee gave them a chance all those years ago.

That’s our show then for the week. We’ll see you again next week as I go recuperate this weekend. Bye!