DIARY: 08 September with Dr. Life is Gud

DIARY: 08 September with Dr. Life is Gud



It’s Hustlers Thursday! It’s a thirsty Thursday! Its throw back Thursday! We back again for another exciting and great show! The Arch Bishop of Radio, DJ Sbu opens the show with the usual prayer before the full bulletin by Azizzar and sports headlines with the general, Benji sports. The show kicks off with a strong African beat with a triple play from Burna Boy, Mzee and Rafiki and also the Black Motion boys! We get on to What Now to check out what’s trending on newspapers and online, amongst other things, our very own Arch Bishop of Radio, DJ Sbu, is trending for his award the night before when he took the #BETAList Philanthropist awarded by BET AFRICA.

We kick off the second hour with our Hustler of the day, Selebogo Molefe also known as Dr Lifesgud of The Hook Up Dinner. He brings with him 2 young aspiring entrepreneurs who will be pitching on air for a potential investor for their business.

“Networking is the hardest thing to do,” says Molefe The Hook Up Dinner provides that platform where you are with like-minded people and share ideas which build entrepreneurs and businesses. “We produce entrepreneurs and then sell them off,” he adds. One of the young entrepreneurs in studio today is, Brigette Mashile of Roka Roko which is a fashion business delivering bespoke clothing, mainly tailored to that one client – specific on style and trend, and fairly priced.

Another one of the young guys we have to pitch live is Sehlage Seth Kabelo Mogale. Born in a dusty village in Limpopo called Maserumule Park. His business is an online newspaper called Plus News which is a South African site which aims to report encouraging and positive news that occur throughout the country.

It is dedicated to reporting programs and initiatives which aim to uplift communities in South Africa as well as aid in providing solutions to the challenges that societies face.

We get into our latest new feature, the battle of the provinces again, and the point goes to Mpumalanga (AGAIN)!

The Arch gives Azizzar a pronunciation lesson with the word Nquthu after her news headlines at 8:30. She’s Tswana and the word is a Zulu word so the Arch takes it upon himself to make her better. It takes a couple of tries but she eventually gets it right even though she says her tongue doesn’t “pressa” like that.

That’s the thing about the Arch and the show in general, you’re always growing and learning even if you don’t specifically set out to.

Does every man cheat? That’s a question posed by the Arch after some off-air conversation around the same topic. It carries on into our crossover with Kede and Vanessa who both maintain that a lot of men do cheat, even if it’s not ALL of them. They resolve to carry the topic on to another day because of how deep it is. And that’s a wrap! We back again tomorrow! It’s 2 stations, 1 man and definitely 1 mic!