DIARY: 07 September with Carol Tshabalala & Ayanda Thebethe

DIARY: 07 September with Carol Tshabalala & Ayanda Thebethe


It’s another Wisdom Wednesday and we have also hit mid-week – so the weekend is one step closer. Today, we have the gorgeous Ayanda Thebethe in studio and despite her striking beauty and how wonderful she smells lol, she’s most impressive when she says, with the perfect level of confidence and pride “I have two degrees.”

Like ALL of our guests, the thing she comments on shortly after her arrival is the energy of the team in studio. “I’m not a morning person, I usually wake up at 8 so to come here so early and you guys have so much energy – I don’t know how you do it.”

Following her introduction, we chop it up with her and she tells us how she got into the entertainment game and says that she had always wanted to have education to fall back on – no matter where her career took her.

Thabethe also told us of her latest project, a television show on BET Africa alongside Nandi Madida launching tonight. The show is called The BET A-List and is a lifestyle and entertainment show with a Pan-African feel to it.

It debuts tomorrow night on BET Africa, channel 129, at 18:55 – we totally need to show her some love.

Today, we also spoke to David Kopp, Head of Advocacy and Consumer Affairs at the Financial Institute of Southern Africa in light of Financial Planning week. A lot of us hear the term ‘financial planner’ and automatically think it’s reserved for the wealthy but he says that everyone can and should make use of a financial planner to help them either plans towards a goal – such as a car, home or a holiday – or to help them get out of debt or poor personal financial management.

Our last hour turned all the way up, with legendary sports personality Simply Carol Tshabalala in the studio to chat all things sports and give Benji a run for his money.

Not only is show gorgeous and untouchable with her sports acumen, she’s also a natural in broadcast, specifically radio where she thrashed the men in studio by killing one of Benji’s sports stories without reading beforehand as well as effortlessly linking in and out of her favourite song, leaving The Arch saying that his job as a jock is threatened lol.

We then wrapped it up by chatting to our favourite ladies in KZN and MP – Kedebone from RISE FM and Vanessa from VUMA to wrap up our show and finding out what it is that they’re looking at in their respective shows.

Today’s Wise Words go a little something like this: Whatever it is you are going through, remember that you are not an island and you don’t have to suffer or endure alone. Speak up and ask for the help and you’ll be surprised by the willingness of the people around you to help you. You are loved, remember that!

Also, tune into us again tomorrow from 6 -9 AM on Rise FM and Vuma FM. It’s still two stations, one man, one mic, one breakfast.