DIARY: 06 September with Sandile Shezi

DIARY: 06 September with Sandile Shezi


Vuka! It’s the Tuesday edition of the DJ Sbu Breakfast! Took a couple of snooze buttons but I’m feeling fresh and ready for this choosy Tuesday. Choose life, choose success, choose happiness and work hard at it! I’m feeling alive, annoyingly so, but I’m ready to have a good day and I’m sure it’s going to be so great! The studio is bright and the team is in that work mode to make another show a success!

The Arch kicks it off with another prayer to set the tone for our double play which comes after the news. Kirk Franklin with “My Life Is in Your Hands” is our first song and that song reminds me how much God got me, because whatever happens, my life will forever be in His hands no matter what plans I might have for my own life, His will, will always be done! He follows with R. Kelly’s Spirit, a deep song that makes one think about their whole life in 3 minutes.

What now gets underway with Azizzar on the newspaper headlines and Benji on trends who touches on the Bafana game against Egypt and Bra Shakes Mashaba having to possibly step down. We also get to learn another business term from the Arch which is “Turn Key”.

A turnkey or a turnkey project (also spelled turn-key) is a type of project that is constructed so that it can be sold to any buyer as a completed product.

As the 7 o’clock hour approaches, our Entrepreneur guest gives me a ring that he’s outside. We park his machine (a Ferrari) in the basement and come up to do drops with Sakhile and prepare for his main interview with the Arch Bishop of Radio.

“They say 5am is the hour of legends…” says the Entrepreneur, Sandile Shezi who is 24 years old and is a millionaire. “If you can’t find a way to make money while you sleep, you will be working for the rest of your life…” – another one of his nuggets.

He started off by selling muffins in school and made, on average, 2k per day at the age of 15. He goes past the 7 o’clock hour because of the inspiration he is and his energy and confidence is amazing throughout the whole interview. He opened the last hour of the show with his favorite song, Mthande by Musa The Voice of Idols fame! Battle Of The Provinces, our brand new and exciting feature where we have a quiz between KZN and Mpumalanga going against each other also comes in in this hour. Just like yesterday, today Mpumalanga takes it again! Being originally from Mpumalanga, myself, I’m happy.

Fooooooooood!!! Black Olive House brings us a variety of FOOOOOOOOD in studio and truly makes this the DJ Sbu Breakfast!

We wrap it up with Kede who’s in my province Mpumalanga and Vanessa who’s in the currently losing province, KZN – lol.