DIARY: 05 September with Mr. Akani Mathebula

DIARY: 05 September with Mr. Akani Mathebula


It’s a Monday and we’re nice and fresh for a brand new week. It’s spring time and with the warm weather comes the adjustment of the garments from the ladies – and of course, the appreciation from the lads. I can tell you that this morning was one such in studio.

Anyway, when we finally composed ourselves enough to get to work, we got to “What Now”, and trending on social media this morning was #KingBey with everyone wishing the beautiful Beyonce a very happy birthday. She has been dubbed ‘The modern day Michael Jackson” and I think this is a fitting title for a woman who has transcended entertainment to just become a powerhouse on her own. #LilWayne was also doing the rounds today, with rumours that he’s decided to hang up his mic for good. Time will tell how true this is.

In the second hour of the show we had our EMCM, and today we had Mr. Akani Mathebula in studio. Now, this is an amazing man who is a scientist, a banker, and an entrepreneur.

Akani graduated from the University of Johannesburg with degrees in Geology and Geography and has studied Business Management at Gordon Institute of Business Science (GIBS). He recently published a book called Lessons from the Desert that deals with his plight as an unemployed graduate who struggled to find work for two years. This resonates so loudly with a lot of us young people who find out about the harsh reality of real life after you graduate, so it’s a definite must-read.

He grew up in Meadowlands in Soweto and says he’s very thankful to his mother who sacrificed so much for him to achieve his dreams. Again, this is the case for most of us who come from the townships. Our parents didn’t have much but somehow managed to make it look so easy in our eyes.

In our third and final our today we just had beautiful music to start your week. Our brand new feature on the show called “Battle of the Provinces” started today.

This is a feature in which we pin two contestants, one representing KZN and the other, MP against each other in a fun quiz about general knowledge and current affairs.

MP started well with a 1-0 lead, and we shall see how the week goes and whether KZN will recover, and maybe even claim a come-back win by the end of the week. Before we wrapped up the show we also spoke about the worst ways to dump someone. This one is something we’ve all experienced – except for Kede from Rise FM who says she has never been dumped before hahaha, so she’s very lucky to have never had to swallow it. On the other hand, Vanessa from Vuma fm has had the worst. Someone just disappeared on her. What a way to be told it’s over.

That’s how we closed off the show then, and we do it again tomorrow morning as we take you through the traffic to work on Two Stations, with One Man, on One Mic, bringing you One Breakfast.