DIARY: 01 September with Lihle Msimang & Catherine Constantinides

DIARY: 01 September with Lihle Msimang & Catherine Constantinides


As the saying goes, “Spring has Sprung” and it is what it is, it’s the 1st of September 2016 and also the first Spring of the DJ Sbu Breakfast! As I walk out of the house with my shorts and t-shirt, I feel a bit of a breeze, clearly the weather hasn’t gotten the memo yet. But I’m hopeful that as the day progresses, it will bring us some warmth and sun.

As I walk into studio from the workspace upstairs, I also see some of our team members who didn’t get the memo about wearing shorts, but it’s alright, it’s only the first day of spring. We get the show on the road with a prayer from our Arch Bishop of Radio, DJ Sbu looking all colorful and energetic.

We have two guests coming in today. Firstly, we have our Hustlers Corner guest, Catherine Constantinides coming in at the 7 o’clock hour and I’m excited to see Lihle Lindzy Msimang because I’ve worked with her before at a campus radio station, UJFM. She’s done a lot since then, so I’m excited to see her and hear her interview with the Arch.

It’s a spring day musical throwback with old school hits from Mzekezeke with his Guqa Ngamadolo and it reminded me of when Mzakes managed to get our former President of SA, Thabo Mbeki, to go on his knees during a performance. The likes of TKZee’s Phalafala and Bujo Mujo’s Summer Rain just puts one in the mood to have fun.

Talking about fun times, we get in touch with Cheeseboy, who’s in Mpumalanga, at our Rise FM station and he tells us what’s happening in MP today. Alongside Mpumalanga Tourism Parks Agency, they’re celebrating Spring Day at the Botanical Gardens and launching Tourism Month.

Our Sport General Benjamin spoke to the inspirational Samkelo Radebe who is a South African Paralympic sprint runner and high jumper. He lost both arms in an electrocution accident at age 9 while playing with coiled tyre wires that got caught in electrical wires. He won Gold at the 2012 London Paralympics in the men’s relay. “I was screaming like a 16 year old girl when I won the gold medal at the Paralympics coupled with a world record…”. He’s also just been accepted into the High Court as an attorney – there’s clearly no stopping him.

And then Lindzy arrives!!! I go give her a big warm hug and just a young chat while signing her in at the reception. She’s energetic and fun so when she gets into studio, she immediately fits in and is all smiles and laughing with everyone. She gives a bit of her background growing up ekasi and how she feels that being in the hood doesn’t really allow you to dream big until you get out and stretch your mind. She touches a bit on her schooling and how she ended up being a script writer, comedian, actress and all round fun human.

Our Hustler, Catherine Constantinides, is also here and she has been chosen as one of the 2016 Mandela Washington Fellows under the US Department of State’s Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI).

The Arch puts both Catherine and Lihle on the spot by asking them to try out their hand…(voice) in radio. They both choose a song they want to hear and back announce. Sketchy Bongo is Catherine’s pick and we repeat Mzekezeke for Lihle!

We wrap things up our traditional way with Vanessa and Kede in Mpumalanga and KZN respectively as we all welcome each other to spring! It’s been a great 3 hours of nothing but fun and entertainment; throw backs mixed with interactive topics and tips for the spring season. We are definitely looking forward to the first Friday of spring tomorrow. Catch you then!