DIARY: 29 August with Mr. Semeyi Zake

DIARY: 29 August with Mr. Semeyi Zake


Another Monday, another week. We’re up and ready to take you through the last couple of days of Women’s Month. I’m struggling with the flu today and I blame Sbu for this. Anyway, the show must go on and we got off to some exciting music to get you going. On “What Now” today The Times lead with an interesting one, a headline that says “Angry Shrinks Need Someone to Talk to”.

Az, Ben, Sbu 29 Aug

We actually never think shrinks need someone to talk to. We think they know it all. A bit unfair on them if you think about it. On social media the VMAs were trending. Beyonce fans like Azizzar are happy this morning because her “Formation” video won the Video of The Year award. Arian Grande did not win anything, much to the shock of many people. But it was Drake and Rihanna who stole the headlines as the former finally confessed that he’s been in love with the Barbados queen since he was 22, and the two even locked lips on stage. Ooohh!

In our second hour, our Educated Man Crush was none other than Mr. Semeyi Zake who has a Bachelor’s degree in Management and Economics as well as a Master’s degree in Business Administration from the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University in Port Elizabeth. He is the Times Media head of programming at Business Day TV.

Semeyi EMCM 29 Aug

Sbu, Semeyi 29 Aug

He says he got his MBA very early in his working career, and it has helped him in decision-making around the work space. He also gave some advice for people going to interviews. The big one is: Stop posting things you wouldn’t want people to know on social media. He says that this is usually a turn-off for many potential employers and as young people, we often fall victim to this.

Semeyi, Az 29 Aug

In the third hour we had a discussion about a very irking matter. The Pretoria Girls High School has apparently told black girls with afros that their hair is inappropriate. How does this happen in 2016?

BEn 29 Aug

The issue of racism is one that just won’t go away. It is disgusting that our children have to still go through the same struggles that their parents went through, while being told that freedom is finally here. It cannot be that we are now afraid to send our kids to schools where we feel they’ll get better education for fear of them being victimised and coerced to throw away their African beauty and heritage. We spoke to Gauteng MEC for Education, Panyaza Lesufi, about the matter, and he’ll be meeting with the school’s authorities today to discuss this.

Perhaps as a challenge to our education system, we should start making sure our schools in the townships have the same quality of education as their ‘elite’ counterparts. Then we won’t have to bother sending our kids where they’re not wanted.

Anyway, despite that spirit dampener, the show still ended with some good music to get us pumped up for the day. Hope you enjoyed it. Let’s do it again tomorrow.